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My goal in life is to marry a rich guy in case this college thing or life in general doesn’t work out for me. 

And she ran like the wind, 
her dress flowing behind her
like a sea of flames.

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Anonymous asked:

Is Aditya really interesting or something? Cause dayum... he ugly


I was thinking this was too mean to publish, but then I remembered he’s the guy who forces actresses to lose crazy amounts of weight for his movie and he told Anushka Sharma she wasn’t attractive so screw it, you’re right.

I hope if they have any daughters he doesn’t pass those values on to them.

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post 9 of an infinity part of my Aashiqui 2 Series
↳ Piya aaye na

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❝ Odh ke dhaani reet ki chaadar
Aaya tere shehar mein Ranjha tera
Duniya zamaana, jhoota fasaana
Jeene marne ka waada saancha mera 

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